Ekspres ciśnieniowy automatyczny De`Longhi ECAM 21 117 SB

De`Longhi ECAM 21 117 SB automatic espresso machine – the De`Longhi brand has Italian origins. It comes from the name of the owner Giuseppe De`Longhi. Thanks to this, it guarantees the highest quality of coffee brewing. It is present in one hundred and forty countries. It prides itself on the trust of many people in the quality of coffee. Her unique approach to design guarantees the highest quality of coffee brewing equipment produced by De`Longhi.

The coffee tradition was born in Trevisto. This name, from the translation cortese citta. It means “kind city”. This is where De`Longhi comes from. This entails a broad tradition of brewing and drinking coffee. It has its roots even among the Venetian aristocracy.

Universal espresso machine

De`Longhi machines have built-in coffee grinders. It is obvious that freshly ground coffee is more aromatic and thus much tastier, right? These are steel grinders that are used in many coffee machines. These are burr grinders with 13 levels of grinding degree adjustment. This is very important because it affects the taste and aroma of coffee. De`Longhi devices also include a double dispenser for faster coffee brewing for two people. This has no effect on the quality or taste of the coffee. It is very convenient and guarantees great time savings. In addition, these devices guarantee the preparation of subtle, frothed milk for cappuccino coffee. All thanks to the Cappuccino System. It guarantees the preparation of delicious coffee with velvety milk foam, It is undoubtedly a universal and multifunctional device. It has advanced automation. cleaning system and automatic shutdown. It is also equipped with a steam nozzle, control, controlling the amount of coffee and frothing milk. The great advantage of this device is of course the pre-brewing and the Espresso function.

Multifunctionality of the device

In this device, you can also brew ground coffee in a kitchen grinder. You can also use a purchase. ground coffee, Espresso coffee, as well as cappuccino, prepared in De`Longhi coffee machines, is brewed at the perfect temperature. Thanks to? Thanks to the Thermoblock system. What is this? This system is responsible for the correct coffee temperature. This, in turn, has a crazy effect on the right aroma of coffee.

How is it built?

Termoblock is a streamlined water heater. It is a double heating system. Simultaneously heats water and milk. You can select the coffee brewing pressure. This is very important because it affects the taste of coffee. High pressure is best. There is also the possibility of choosing the coffee capacity by the coffee machine. There may be a small jackdaw. but also can be a large cup. There is also a choice of weak, normal or strong coffee. An additional advantage of this system is very quiet operation and quick heating of the system. Sometimes the dispensers run out of water, milk, coffee. If you overlook the need to refill the dispensers with coffee, milk or water? The De`Longhi coffee machine will remind you of this.

Device automation

The De`Longhi espresso machine is designed so that the operation of the device is very simple. The removable brew group allows for easy maintenance of the machine. In addition, thanks to it, we avoid spending money on cleaning and maintenance agents. Thanks to the removable block, we can clean the machine quickly and at no cost. The device is comfortable to use. All components are easily accessible. Controlling the water level is not complicated because the jug is transparent. By equipping the appliance with a water filter, scale build-up can be prevented. It also has a huge impact on the quality of the coffee. The machine is equipped with a descaling and automatic rinsing system. In addition, it includes an automatic heating circuit. This keeps the coffee at the right temperature. Thanks to the advanced automation of the device, it is easy to keep the coffee machine clean. The De`Longi espresso machine is the most eco-friendly. With the environment in mind, the creators of the device have designed an automatic power off switch. Have you ever forgotten to turn off the espresso machine? In this case, there is nothing to worry about. This equipment will turn off automatically. In addition, it will also automatically clean itself. When we turn on the machine, the automatic rinsing and cleaning process will take place.

Dream like appearance

All De`Long devices are beautiful. However, this coffee maker is unique. Why? At least because of its color. Silver – black. Black has always been universal and fashionable. Silver color, on the other hand, has been raging in fashion for some time now. Both colors go with pretty much everything. It fits perfectly with other equipment in the kitchen or cafes. The De`Longhi ECAM 21 117 SB automatic espresso machine (1450W silver – black) is also characterized by a sophisticated, interesting appearance. It is also very functional and adjustable. The shape is extremely neat and thanks to that you can put it anywhere. Thanks to the way it looks, it can be used not only as kitchen equipment. It can also be a form of decoration.

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