Budowa dachów- o czym należy wiedzieć.

Roof construction – what you need to know. The roof is a very expensive element of building a house, taking into account both the materials used and the cost of labour. It is worth thinking about the construction of the roof at the very beginning, when choosing a project. The less complicated the solution, the less expensive it will be.

What materials are needed to build a roof?

Wood (timber) will be necessary to make the roof truss, including the roof trusses. The number of beams depends primarily on the size of the roof, which was shown in the design. Pressure-impregnated wood, characterized by high resistance to fire, is especially recommended. Another proposal is kiln-dried wood. This wood does not need additional impregnation, but its price is quite high.

What are the types of roofs?

When it comes to the structure, shape and angle of inclination, flat and steep roofs can be distinguished. Flat roofs are a solution used especially in energy-saving houses, on such a roof it is easier to mount solar collectors. Sometimes flat roofs also have other interesting uses. You can create a space for rest on them, i.e. arrange a terrace or garden. Steep pitched roofs are used in outbuildings or in buildings where the span between the walls is a maximum of 6 meters. Gable roofs are characterized by a simple structure and are made of two slopes, they form an attic, which is often changed into usable space. Hip roofs are made of four sloping slopes, unfortunately in this case the attic is small. Multi-pitched roofs are sometimes built.

What does the construction of the roof look like?

The construction of the roof can be divided into 6 stages. The roof is an extremely important part of the building, therefore it must be perfectly matched to it.

  1. Erection of the roof truss:
    The first stage is the execution of the roof truss, which depends on its type. It largely affects the strength and stability of the entire structure. It must take into account the climatic loads and the dimensions of the building.
  2. Covering the roof truss:
    When the structure is completed, it should be covered with roofing foil, it is very important, because the tightness of the roof will depend on the foiling.
  3. Patching:
    The next step is patching, i.e. placing the correct patches. These battens are long slats, usually 40 × 50 mm or 40 × 60 mm, mounted transversely to the rafters.
  4. Installation of additional elements:
    At this stage, elements such as gutters, eaves flashing, windows and many others are installed. The correct installation of the gutter system is especially important. It depends on him whether the water will be drained.
  5. Laying the roofing:
    Once all the battens and additional elements have been installed, the roofing should be laid next. Mostly for this purpose, such coverings as: steel tile, metal tile, ceramic tile or corrugated sheet are used. These materials must not only look good, but also be durable.
  6. Roof insulation:
    The last part of the work is to insulate the roof from the attic side. Thanks to this, it will be possible to reduce the costs associated with heating the house.

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What type of roofing to choose?

The construction of the roof is associated with a very important decision, i.e. the choice of its covering. When choosing a material, its functionality, appearance and price should be taken into account. Many people choose ceramic tile. It can be used on roofs with a slope of more than 15 degrees. This is a good solution when it comes to rainwater drainage. In addition, it is resistant to temperature changes and sunlight. The ceramic tile has a service life of approx. 100 years. Another proposal is a flat sheet, less expensive and just as durable as a ceramic tile. It is a lightweight cover, available in many forms. Roof under constructionyou can also use roofing felt, which will work especially in flat roofs. However, it requires proper maintenance. Bitumen shingles are used for complex roofs.

Which roof is the most profitable to choose?

Building a roof can be less expensive if you make the right choice. The cheapest solution is a flat roof, however, it should be remembered that it can be a problem in the winter, when a thick layer of snow will be on it. That is why the gable roof is more popular, which is quite a cheap option. In our country, it is the most common type of roof. The price of the roof is influenced primarily by its size, shape and complexity of the structure. An economical proposal is to cover the roof with metal roofing tiles. Building a roof is a very expensive process during which many important decisions have to be made. It is from them that the appearance of the roof, as well as all its parameters and the final price will depend. Roof constructionit is worth planning at the beginning of a given project, it is good to analyze all available options, as well as their price. This way you can choose the best offer for you.

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