Translation agency and its role in the operation of the company. Nowadays, businessmen from Poland have to take into account the international profile of their clients. There are many foreigners living in our country, many of whom will certainly want to use their services. Having our own business, we often want to conquer not only the Polish market, but also the foreign market (one or several). If we do not know a foreign language, it may turn out to be difficult or practically impossible – especially since we will have to use it not only to contact customers, but also for many other things. A translation agency can be a saving grace for us then. It is on him and his role in every company that we will focus in our short article.

Translation agency – how can it help the company?

A translation agency is considered to be one of those companies that every self-respecting business should use, especially if it cannot afford to create a special department dealing with either sales or contact with a foreign client. The office is able to help us, among others, in:

  • Contact with clients from abroad – we must take care of relations with them, regardless of whether we operate only in Poland (there are plenty of them here) or whether we also offer our services abroad.
  • Establishing international cooperation – thanks to the translation agency, we are able to establish far-reaching cooperation, either with entities similar to our subject matter, but coming from another part of the world, or with investors who have a lot of money and want to devote it to something development.
  • Expansion into the foreign market – there is no doubt that we want to provide the services of our company to as many customers as possible – also outside our country. Expansion seems to be the most natural thing that we should undertake – a translation agency can be an invaluable help.
  • Sending offers to foreign contractors – if we deal with production, or we come out to our clients with innovative and unavailable services abroad, the translation agency is able to offer them to foreign contractors as well.

Basic features of a good translation agency

Although it is difficult to define unambiguously what a good translation agency actually is, because it is a highly individual matter and closely related to our needs, expectations and requirements, you can easily indicate the features that each should have in order to reach for its services makes sense and brought measurable profits for our business.

A translation agency should be, above all, versatile. While the knowledge of English is nowadays almost standard, the office should have a wide range of languages, also in terms of less popular languages. It is worth taking them into account especially when planning expansion, which does not always mean moving to German-speaking regions. What’s more, expansion is often synonymous with starting a business in countries neighboring Poland – in particular in Ukraine, Germany, the Czech Republic or Russia. There, in turn, he rarely speaks German.

A good feature of a translation agency that addresses its offer to companies is also the flexibility of its services, also in terms of the price list. A variety of activities is very often expected from the office – sometimes it will have to translate an e-mail from an impatient client, and sometimes – it will assist us in a conversation with a foreign contractor that we care about very much. A modern translation agency is able to cope with everything that is put in front of it, not counting additionally for unconventional (because not related to the written form) services. Flexibility also manifests itself in accessibility – we would like to be able to reach for office services exactly when we have such a need.

A translation agency is partly our showcase – so it is worth choosing one that enjoys a solid reputation on the market. After all, it acts as a kind of representative. Qualified staff should work in the office, which will not only be knowledgeable in their field, but will also be representative, approaching each of the tasks set before them in a friendly and smiling way, especially those involving direct contact with a client or contractor from abroad.


Although most of us associate a translation agency primarily with individual and smaller works, in fact, these types of service providers make their living mainly from long-term cooperation with other companies. No wonder – their work can be invaluable, especially when operating within foreign markets. So if we are planning the expansion of our company, or we simply have to deal with foreign clients often, do not hesitate to reach for a good translation agency. It will certainly contribute to the rapid development of our company.

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