Co to jest lakier hybrydowy budujący

What is a building hybrid varnish – hybrid manicure is becoming more and more popular among women of all ages. No wonder – once applied, the varnish can last up to four weeks on the nails. Meanwhile, a building hybrid varnish has appeared in the offer of hybrid varnishes. What is it and how to use it?

Hybrid manicure – why is it worth doing?

First of all, let’s consider why it is worth doing a hybrid manicure at all and whether it is not harmful to nails. Hybrid manicure is gaining more and more supporters because it is relatively easy to perform, and what’s more, it can last on nails for a very long time. Unlike traditional varnishes, the hybrid stays on the nails for up to four weeks. Of course, there may be regrowth in the meantime. The varnish, however, makes the nails still strong and beautiful. What’s more, a properly made manicure is practically harmless to the nail plate. Opinions about its harmfulness appear because nowadays many women perform manicures on their own. If they do not have the appropriate skills, they can actually damage the nail plate. Unfortunately, the downside of the hybrid manicure is the fact that it is not possible to extend the nail with it. For this reason, many women opted for gels, especially in the case of short nails. It is worth noting, however, that building hybrid varnishes have recently appeared on the market.

What is a building hybrid varnish?

Using a building hybrid varnish, it is possible to extend the nail plate. Many women missed this in the classic hybrid manicure, in which no builder varnish is used. It is true that it is not possible to obtain a very long nail with a building hybrid varnish, but it can be slightly lengthened. Slight elongation and thus giving an attractive shape is usually enough for women. Additionally, it is possible to harden the plate with a building hybrid varnish. The varnish is colorless, so it is an excellent base for the proper varnish. If a woman thinks that a traditional hybrid manicure does not serve her, she can use a building hybrid varnish. Most beauty salons have it in their offer. What’s more, most often they do not charge additional fees for its application. Builder hybrid varnish can also be used on your own, at home. A package of polish costs about PLN 30-40, so not very much. It is worth using it especially when our nail plate is fragile and brittle. Extending nails with a builder varnish is not difficult, but for beginners, the varnish can primarily act as an amplifier.

How to extend the nail?

In order to extend the nails with a builder varnish, we must have the appropriate templates. At the beginning, we prepare the nails, as in the case of a regular hybrid manicure. They need to be properly filed, remove skins and any burrs. Then, the nail plate must be degreased with dust-free swabs. Next, we can move on to extensions. This is, unfortunately, the most difficult stage for beginners. First of all, we need to place the template on the nail well, so that it adheres tightly from the bottom. Then we paint the nail with a builder varnish to the length specified on the template. Cure under the lamp for 2 minutes. At this stage, we can feel a slight burning sensation, but after removing the hand from the lamp, it should pass. We can apply one or two layers of building varnish – each of them must be hardened. After the last layer has hardened, we can remove the stencil. The nails do not have to be perfectly even, because the building hybrid varnish is quite rare. The nails, however, can be freely filed and brought to the desired shape. Then we can proceed to the hybrid manicure. It should be done as with a traditional manicure without nail extensions.

Building hybrid varnish – is it worth it?

Builder hybrid varnish was created for women who lacked the possibility of extending the nail with the hybrid method. Nevertheless, some of them worry that the nails extended in this way cannot look natural. They can, and most importantly, they look. In addition, they are strong, so they will not break too easily when performing household activities. Remember that the building hybrid varnish should be cured long enough – only this will ensure its durability. Unfortunately, in the case of shorter curing, the effects will not be achieved. If we do not want to extend the nails, we can also reach for a builder varnish to strengthen them. However, this varnish is not a conditioner, so it does not strengthen the nails after removing the hybrid varnish. It is worth remembering and use a special conditioner for hybrid varnish, if we want to enjoy a long-lasting nail strengthening effect. The downside of building hybrid varnishes is the fact that it is a new product on the Polish market, which means that you can buy them mainly online.

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