Co to jest łóżko kontynentalne

What is a continental bed – a lot of importance is usually attached to the proper adjustment of the bed. This is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the apartment. It significantly affects the comfort and well-being of the household members. Continental beds are usually associated with luxury and expensive hotels. Thanks to the growing popularity and many advantages, such furniture is increasingly appearing in home bedrooms. What are the characteristics of this type of accessories and who should choose them?

What characterizes continental beds?

Furniture in this category is recognized primarily because of its considerable height. The surface of the mattress is in their case approx. 60-70 cm above the floor. The construction of these beds consists of a wooden box and a mattress of the same dimensions. They are also equipped with a high, comfortable headboard. Continental beds are upholstered furniture. The entire surface of the furniture is covered with a soft material and an outer layer of material. Both the edges of the box and the headrest are elegantly finished and pleasant to the touch. Another aspect worth noting is the way the mattress is made. When creating this type of furniture, bonnel springs are used. Thanks to them, the sleeping area has a high degree of flexibility. This means that the weight of the body is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the mattress. It is also an extremely durable and damage-resistant solution.

Who should choose such a bed?

The described furniture has many advantages, thanks to which it can be an excellent choice for many people. An important aspect is their dimensions. The sleeping surface is located higher than models in other categories. This is important information for people experiencing problems with knee joints. The height of the bed will certainly be appreciated by the elderly, injured and pregnant. Upholstered furniture can be a good choice for homes with small children. Upholstered with a soft material, the surface of the bed will protect the little ones from injuries. The fact that the edges of the furniture are also covered will affect the safety of children playing and running. What other beneficial properties do these types of beds have?

Advantages of continental beds

A big plus of furniture in this category are high and comfortable headboards. They allow you to freely lean back while sitting in bed. People who like to read or watch movies before bedtime do not have to be afraid of contact with a wall that is cold to the touch. This solution also prevents the pillows from falling to the floor. Furniture in this category is also considered extremely comfortable. Spring mattresses with a pocket system ensure proper air circulation and moisture removal. It is a healthy and hygienic solution. These types of accessories are also considered to provide exceptional sleeping comfort.

It is worth knowing that continental beds are very durable furniture. The durability of the wooden box and spring mattress makes such an accessory an investment for years. Various materials are used in the upholstery process. It is worth adjusting the fabric to your own needs. There are materials with a hydrophobic coating and those that are extremely easy to clean. People with pets should opt for models upholstered with scratch-resistant fabrics. Parents of several-year-olds can bet on materials from which it is easy to wash off traces of pens and felt-tip pens. Continental beds are also extremely fashionable furniture that will emphasize the character of many bedrooms. In what arrangements should they be used?

Attractive furniture in fashionable interior design styles

Continental beds are not only practical, but also extremely fashionable accessories. Although associated with luxury, thanks to many modern versions, they will prove themselves in various interiors. The most characteristic, however, are the glamor, Hampton and retro styles. When arranging a bedroom in accordance with the first of the conventions mentioned above, it is worth choosing a model upholstered in a powder pink, silver, beige or golden shade fabric that is pleasant to the touch. Velor and leather upholstery are popular in this case. The headboard of the furniture should not lack the characteristic quilting. Hampton style models are also luxurious accessories. Their task, however, is to give the space brightness and the atmosphere of a waterside resort. So it is worth betting here on white, navy blue, blue and gray copies. In a retro bedroom, a continental bed in bottle green or mustard color will be perfect. In such interiors, furniture with headboards in characteristic vertical stripes is often placed.

Beds in this category are valued for their practical properties. It is also worth choosing them when arranging a bedroom in a different convention. The model upholstered in a fabric made of natural fibers will match the Scandinavian convention. Continental beds can be found in many different colors. Thanks to their advantages, they can prove to be a beneficial solution in various situations. A model tailored to the needs and decor will certainly be a good choice.

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