Co to jest chemia budowlana

Although it is not used on a daily basis, everyone undoubtedly had to deal with it, even unconsciously. What are we talking about? It is a construction chemistry that fulfills many tasks. What exactly is it? Where is it used? What types of construction chemicals can be specified? What types of glues are used in it? And how to choose the right construction chemicals?

What is construction chemistry?

This is a category of products used in the construction industry. It is characterized primarily by durability. It will work well in both small renovation works and more complex ones. Construction chemicals can be divided into the following areas of use:

  1. insulating.
  2. construction.
  3. finishing.

In simple terms, construction chemicals are everything that is used both for building and renovating: offices, houses, flats.

Where are construction chemicals used?

Construction chemistry is used in fields that are related to the modification, creation and finishing of buildings. It should be added that this does not apply only to those that are residential. It is used primarily by professionals, although amateurs are also willing to use it for independent repairs. More specifically, it can be said that construction chemicals are used in:

  • Interior finishing, i.e. when preparing walls for painting/covering with paint, or leveling the floor, e.g. under panels;
  • Renovation works – more or less complex;
  • Construction work that leads to the construction of new buildings.

Types of construction chemicals

It should be noted that construction chemicals are a very extensive category of products. It has a variety of uses, although often slightly different from each other. What categories can construction chemicals be divided into?

  1. The first is the coating materials. They are used by people related and unrelated to the finishing industry and construction. These include paints that touch the surface to be coated but do not affect the building structure. In addition to them, very popular elements are, for example, those that go hand in hand: stains, primers, varnishes and impregnating oils.
  2. Secondly: dry mixes that need to be diluted in water before use, because they are originally in powdered form. They are eagerly used by professionals who prepare the surface for finishing. And also those who build new buildings and are forced to ensure their durability and strength. The most frequently chosen products in this category are: all kinds of plasters, adhesives, mortars. They also include everything that is used to obtain a constant state that cannot be changed.
  3. Thirdly, they are ready-made mixtures. They are used as often as the two categories above. Most often, just like dry flats, they need to be mixed up. However, they serve something else – their task is to finally cover the surface and prepare it for coating with a coating material. The most popular ready-mixtures are: all kinds of plasters, which are a base for paints. And also decorative plasters and ceramic cladding. Among them, you can also find all types of sealing and finishing compounds. Their purpose is the final smoothing of the surface. In addition, they allow you to get rid of various types of cavities and crevices.

Types of adhesives found in construction chemistry 

As mentioned above, adhesives are examples of construction chemistry products. These include, for example, joint adhesives used for panel assembly. They are flexible, fast-binding substances. They are also characterized by resistance to moisture and external factors. Another type is adhesives used for carpets. They have different properties, adapted to each type of flooring. Some are suitable for attaching resilient floor coverings, and others – textile. You can also buy waterproof and universal products. Among the carpet adhesives, the following should be distinguished:

      • Acrylic for textile, flexible items
      • for linoleum,
      • two-component,
      • dispersive.

There are also parquet adhesives available on the market: acrylic, rubber, dispersion, polyurethane, synthetic.
Construction chemicals also include adhesives for:

      • minor repairs,
      • PVC,
      • wallpapers,
      • Styrofoam.

How to choose the right construction chemicals?

There is a huge range of construction chemicals on the market. Therefore, it is very important to carefully read the labels/descriptions regarding the intended use of the products. A different adhesive will work for the carpet, and a different one for attaching tiles in the bathroom. The same will be true for paints. These materials differ in color intensity, durability, abrasion resistance and intended use. Outside, not every paint will work. Why? Because some have low resistance to weather conditions. In addition, it should be verified whether the paint is washable. This is an important and useful issue, especially in a child’s room. When choosing an assortment from the construction chemicals department in the store, it is best to ask a consultant for help. It serves not only experience, but also competent advice.

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