Dlaczego wpadamy w alkoholizm?

Why do we fall into alcoholism? Contrary to what some people think, the problem of alcohol affects many people. Sometimes it is enough to look around your friends to discover that in every family there was someone who was in alcohol rehab. Or someone who clearly needed it. Stories vary, but in reality alcoholism affects not only those who hit the so-called. bottom. Lots of people struggle with addiction, even though they don’t show it. 

Fatal addictions – social and not only

Alcohol is one of the most frequently used drugs. Although everyone knows how destructive it can be, there is a ubiquitous consent to its consumption. Even in large quantities! You can even say that abstainers are treated like freaks. Who of us does not know the popular text “Won’t you drink with me?”? When there is an opportunity to party, of course there must be alcohol on the table. Refusal to drink is associated with very negative reactions. This way, it’s hard not to do it, even if we don’t feel like it. Nobody wants to expose themselves to social ostracism, which can have a very negative impact on self-esteem. But many people drink because they want to. Alcohol is a way to add energy, forget about everyday reality, find yourself in a slightly different world. As the weekend approaches, the partying begins. We know such people, right? Or maybe we belong to them ourselves? Of course, you don’t have to go to clubs and bars to feel the need to reach for alcohol therapy. In fact, some people can’t fall asleep without a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. They say it’s an innocent way to calm down. Others spend their evenings alone, choosing a seemingly entertaining substance to accompany them.

There is no single cause

However, it cannot be said that there is one specific cause of addiction. This applies to alcohol as well as to all other addictive substances or activities. Firstly, it is a combination of circumstances, and secondly, everyone has a different story. It is certainly a long-term process. Some look for reasons that go back many years, such as childhood experiences or even genetic predispositions. It can take a long time for alcoholism treatment to be effective. Especially since you have to realize this need first. During individual alcohol therapy, a number of meetings take place to find out the causes. In this way, we find out what are the motives for reaching for the proverbial glass. What can make up this complex mechanism, which is alcohol addiction?

Inability to cope with stress

Isn’t stress one of the biggest ills of the modern world? It causes many mental disorders and physical ailments. Drinking alcohol is one of the simple, readily available methods to relax and forget about your problems. This, of course, is a false impression, because it leads to further tensions. But it’s hardly surprising that escape drinking is so common. If we have no other idea to deal with emotions, we choose a shortcut. Why not reach for an agent that works immediately?

Rebellious attitude towards the world

Excessive drinking of alcohol is common among adolescents and adolescent adults. Entering a period of rebellion, when everything seems to be not as it should be, is the perfect time for extreme behavior. Who among us doesn’t know this? While it doesn’t sound good, it is a generally tolerated phenomenon. Although most of the partygoers change their lifestyle and start families, some of them are forced to take alcohol therapy.

Personality predispositions

It is said that some people have a greater predisposition to reach for stimulants, such as alcohol. Science indicates that these may be immature or aggressive individuals. Alcoholism also occurs among people struggling with sexual difficulties. Addicts are often perfectionists who wanted to achieve their goals so badly that they succumbed to the pressure. Because at some point the supply of mental strength ends, alcohol can be a substitute for dealing with tension.

Social approval

What we mentioned at the beginning primarily applies to people growing up in a given environment. Social approval for drinking means that even an addicted person does not feel the need to go to an alcoholic center or reach for alcohol psychotherapy. If the whole family or all the friends are doing it, why shouldn’t we? Then a dissonance may arise, because even if we do not feel good about it, our environment does not see any problem. And what is the “best” way to discharge the voltage? Of course alcohol.

An ubiquitous problem

We have listed some broadly outlined reasons why people fall into alcoholism. Any situation in which drinking causes guilt, financial problems and deterioration of family relationships requires alcohol addiction treatment. Sometimes effective alcohol therapy conducted by a good psychotherapist is enough for us. In other cases , an alcoholic rehab center may be necessary. Regardless of the severity of the problem, everyone should reach out for help. First of all, to learn to live happily – without the compulsion to drink.

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