Domy drewniane jaki koszt

Wooden houses what cost. What is the cost of wooden houses – more and more Poles are wondering whether, if they are building a house, they should not give up the classic brick structure and replace it with a frame structure or a wooden house, for example a house made of glued timber. Of course, we must pay attention here to the fact that there are situations when a given construction technology is the best, regardless of the cost, but generally speaking, we can build houses on a large part of the land, using the technology in which we dream of a house.

It is true, however, that brick technology is the most expensive technology and is increasingly being abandoned in favor of other solutions. First of all, it concerns wooden frame houses and wooden houses made of glued timber. The construction of wooden houses, whether frame or in the HBE technology, has many advantages. Let’s look at the financial benefits of giving up building a brick house.

The cost of the building plot

When we want to build a house, first of all, we should have a plot of land purchased. Here is the first moment when we can quite significantly benefit from the fact that we are building a frame house or a wooden house. It must be clearly stated here that the construction of wooden housesand frame houses, is characterized by the fact that wooden structures have a much lower structural weight, which means that the land on which we build such houses does not have to meet the same restrictive requirements as brick buildings. In addition to the issues related to geology and load-bearing capacity, there is the issue that in the case of a wooden house or frame house, if we do not want to build a basement, then the foundation is usually not required. It is enough to build an ordinary foundation slab, which is above all much faster to build and generates much lower costs. The plot can also be a plot with a reduced bearing capacity, which makes it much cheaper.

Construction speed

The second thing on which we save a lot is certainly the construction time that we have to spend on building a house. A brick house is built very slowly, mainly because individual elements or stages of construction must season, i.e. the lime mortar must be completely solidified. It all takes a really long time. The weather is also an obstacle, because if, for example, it is raining or it is too cold, we will simply not be able to carry out many works. When it comes to frame houses and wooden houses HBE, it turns out that such construction takes much less time and it is really a very big difference. A frame house or a wooden house in a turnkey state, with window joinery, doors and installation, can actually be built in even a few weeks. All this is caused, for example, by the fact that frame houses and wooden houses can be built from prefabricated materials.

If you don’t know what it is, here’s a brief description of it. If we are building a brick house, we bring building materials to the construction site, i.e. hollow bricks and bricks, cellular concrete or other types of ceramic building materials. At the construction site, we have to build a house from these building materials. In the case of frame houses or wooden houses, the materials are transported to the factory, where, for example, ready-made walls are already pre-assembled, and then transported in this form to the construction site, where they are actually assembled into a house. Thanks to this, erecting the structure itself can take up to a week. It is a structure that is already roofed, sometimes you can bring ready-made walls even with already installed window joinery or thermal insulation, which really speeds up the construction.

Opinions on frame houses and wooden houses built with the use of HBE wood

Very often you can hear opinions that wooden houses or frame houses are not worth building, because their quality and durability is definitely worse than brick houses. Even if we save money on building such a house, we will lose money in the long run. This is of course an opinion. Not only is it quite general, but also one that is simply a lie. Both frame houses and wooden houses can be of a very comparable quality to brick houses, and we are talking here really only about the durability of such houses. First, we need to determine what we mean by a house that is, for example, of better quality. There are many factors that go into quality. These can include, for example, the issue of heat capacity, general costs, the possibility of foundation on any ground, breathability of walls, or, for example, the costs associated with the renovation necessary from time to time, for example, the insulation that separates the walls from the foundations, or the foundation slab. People who praise brick houses safely avoid these topics, because they work in favor of houses made of HBE wood and frame houses.

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